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2KVC How to order

1.First, you need a player card in your "Auction House". if not, buy one from the game, and find it in the "Auction House->Auction Outcomes";
2kvc.com, How to order 1

2.Second, choose the player card you want sell, and click it, choose the "Send to my Auctions";
2kvc.com, How to order 2

3.Third, find it from the "Auction House";
2kvc.com, How to order 3

4.Fourth, Click the card, and choose "Start Auction";
2kvc.com, How to order 4

5.Fifth, set the player card info as the Follow:
Auction Duration:72 hours (Plz set The max time)
Starting Bid:1950 (Plz set a special Starting Bid)
Buy it Now Price:1,000,000 (Plz set the Price you have ordered)
2kvc.com, How to order 5

6.Now, you can see the right player info, and we can buy him in time:
Player name:Tristan Thompson
Auction Duration:71 Hr 59 Min
Current Bid:1950
Buy it Now :1,000,000
2kvc.com, How to order 6