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Deron Will Play the Brazilian Jersey

Cavaliers' point guard Deron Williams is a loyal fan of MMA, Deron likes to watch the ultimate fighting tournament compared to basketball.

Williams was a wrestler in high school before he was in front of basketball, Deron said that the experience of wrestling is helpful for him to understand the comprehensive. Deron is sure he will go to some Brazilian Jiu-jitsu games. Deron said maybe he can participate but he has to wait until he retired, this is the best arrangement for him. Most of time he does not wear uniforms before he has done some wearing uniform training, but now the way to wear clothes for him a bit slow pace.

In the past, Deron saw MMA a period of time and become a wrestler. A few years later, he has seen some of the ultimate fighting championship players, and they became friends, which makes he really understand the ultimate fighting. Deron fell in love with the sport and he would have trained himself, so he thought it made him closer to the sport.

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